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GNTC Libraries: Orientations

Request an Orientation

Request an Orientation


If you think an orientation would be useful for your class, then contact a librarian! See below to find out when to request an orientation and whom to contact. If you want, you can always print out an Orientation Form and bring it to your library.

When to Request

Orientations are done throughout the semester, and can typically be scheduled for any day of the week starting on the second week of classes. They are available for mornings and evenings, and are specific to each campus.

The more advanced warning you give your librarian, the more scheduling options will be available. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Library Contacts

  John Lassiter
  Stephen Meeks
  John Rivest
Mornings & Evenings

Bonnie Moore

Mornings & Evenings
  Bonnie Moore
  Pete Bursi
  Lois Newton
Whitfield Murray
  Amy Bursi
  Julie Golden



Orientations Offered

Georgia Northwestern Technical College Libraries offer two types of orientations for faculty members to bring their classes: General orientations and Research orientations. The two types are outlined in detail below.

General Orientations

General Orientations

General orientations are basic overviews of what the library has to offer students. Topics covered:

  • Location of the library, if necessary
  • Availabilty of nonfiction and fiction books, audiobooks, and DVDs, reference books, and some software
  • Web Safari, the online catalog
  • Library use policies including obtaining a card, checking out, and fees
  • Number of computers and available software
  • Availabilty of printing, copying, faxing, and laminating services
  • Introduction to LibGuides, GNTC libraries' online research guides.
  • Quick look at the online materials the library offers including nonfiction eBooks, scholarly journals, and educational video clips.

Because it is a very brief introduction to the library and how it can help students to succeed, general orientations vary greatly depending on the campus being visited. Make sure to ask about the length when contacting a librarian!

Research Orientations

Research Orientations

Research orientations are class specific and can be assignment specific. After a quick introduction to the library's print collection and services, the following topics are covered:

  • Web Safari, the library's online catalog
  • LibGuides - the Guide related to your course and the How To Guide
  • GALILEO - databases are chosen specifically in relation to the class or assignment and the following processes are demonstrated
    • Selecting a database
    • Searching with keywords
    • Selecting, saving, and printing articles
    • Locating the information for citing
  • CredoReference-contains 395 full-text searchable reference e-books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, collections, etc.)
  • ProQuest Newspapers - when related to the assignment
  • Other useful databases - determined by course and/or assignment

Designed to be intensive research instruction, research orientations typically take 45 minutes - 1 hour. Whenever possible, research time is built in, so that students can begin researching their topics and can ask questions with the librarian present.

Being tailored specifically to a class or assignment means that the databases covered might vary. If you are familiar with some databases and have some suggestions, please let us know! Additionally, we do show students where to find information on citing sources according to the style required by the class.

We want the class time we use to be as instructive as possible, so the more information you are able to provide us on the class and topic, the more we can show the students.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, and an Equal Opportunity Institution.