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How To...: - Renewing Online

This guide offers all GNTC users How To guides on Citing Sources, Evaluating Sources, and Researching, as well as using GALILEO, LibGuides, and Web Safari.

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Web Safari: How to Renew Materials

How to Renew Materials using Web Safari!

When a book is about to be late, it is possible to renew materials on Web Safari--for users that already have passwords on their accounts. If your account does not have a password, please talk to a librarian, either by phone or by person.

This section will look at:


Get started by opening up Web Safari. If necessary, look at the page on "How to Get to Web Safari".

Logging into your Account

Logging into your Account on Web Safari

 The first step to logging into your account is to go to the Web Safari page. On the homepage, click the "login" button in the top right corner.

This image shows the Web Safari homepage with the login button selected on the top right.

A pop up should come up, asking for a student ID number or a full name as well as the password.

This image shows the Web Safari page with the log in pop up.

Next, put in your ID number or full name and password, and then hit "login".

This shows a sample of the log in with sign in information.

This is what the top bar of the homepage should look like once you've signed in.

This image shows the Web Safari homepage after logging in.

Once logged in, it is possible to see what materials are checked out and renew any that need it.

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Checking Account Status

Checking which Materials You Have Out

To check what materials (books, CDs, DVDs, etc) are on your account, go to the top right and hover over "My Account" to select the "Account Status" drop down button. Click on "Account Status" to see what materials you checked out. The Account Status screen will show an image of the book, the call number, title, author's name, the date it was checked out, the date it is due, and the cost to replace the book if it is lost.

This image shows the account status page, which offers information about the materials you have checked out.


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Renewing Materials

Renewing Books that are Nearly Due


In the green box to the right, there should be an option to allow for the renewal of the books that have been checked out. Click this button to renew the books.

This image shows the option for renewing within your account.

After clicking the "Renew" button, a pop up like the one following should appear. This will offer the opportunity to change your mind. Renewing gives three additional weeks for books and audiobooks or five days for DVDs from the date of renewal, not from the due date.

This image shows the renewal pop-up.

Finally, clicking "OK", will lead back to the accounts screen--but your due date (in green) will have changed.

This shows a changed due date after a renewal.

To ask a librarian to renew an item, call any of the campuses or visit in person.

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