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This guide will help you find information and resources related to Math Matters.  These resources are especially tailored for students enrolled in Math 0098 and Math 0099/1013.  Use the tabs along the top to navigate various topics. 

Math Matters-Modular Redesign

Once placed properly, students will use computer-assisted instruction and classroom activities to assist in mastering each of the modules for MATH 0098 and 0099/1013. Attendance will be required in the classroom and the lab. Students will show mastery of each module through a pre-test at 85% or post-test at 80%.  Guided instruction and completion recommendations will be provided to students. However, students who wish to work at a faster pace are encouraged to do so and may progress through both classes in one semester to receive credit by exam for MATH 0099 or 1013. Students who reach but do not complete the last module and/or final exam in their class during one semester will be given an in-progress grade (IP).   For additional information on the in-progress grade, click on the handout icon found on the left. Credit and a grade for the class will be obtained only after the required modules (Modules 1-5 for Math 0098 and Modules 6-9 and the final exam for Math 0099/1013) have been completed. The final exam is a comprehensive test that includes material from MATH 0098 and 0099/1013. There is no minimum score requirement on the final exam. The final exam will be computed as 20% of the final grade in the course.

Need Help?

Need help?  Check our contacts page and get the assistance you need!

Tech Support numbers and logging in to MyLabsPlus

If you are using MyLabsPlus (MLP), your tech support number is 888-883-1299. This is for MATH0098 and MATH0099/1013.

If you are using MyMathLab (MML), your tech support number is 800-677-6337. This is for all other math courses.

In-Progress Grade

View this document if you are not able to finish MATH0098 or MATH0099 by the end of the semester.

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